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F-site | 9 August 2022

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Stormy Daniels interview part of carefully planned "lying under oath" by Trump?

Stormy Daniels interview part of carefully planned “lying under oath” by Trump?
Ton F. van Dijk

It has been stated widely: Stormy’s Attorney Michael Avenatti is playing the president like no other. And yes until now he looked seemingly in control of pretty much the whole charade.

However after yesterdays interview with his client on CBS 60 Minutes, porn star Stormy Daniels a.k.a. Stephanie Clifford, one might question Avenatti’s ability to carry on doing so.

The long expected interview hardly delivered any real news.

The “threats” to Stormy were already known because of Avenatti himself, spreading them via Morning Joe’s Mika Brezinksy earlier this week.

De relationship itself was also already known to the public based upon a never published but informally published interview she gave many years ago.

The fact that Stormy was paid 130.000 USD as hush money. This was no news either.

Main question after the interview airing on 60 Minutes is this:

Does Stormy Daniels have proof of her relationship with the current president of the United States? And if so, is it just that, or would it be embarrassing pictures or video’s?

Could he possibly be blackmailed with it?

In the last case Avenatti can uphold his game for some time. But we also have to take into account another reality.

Despite Avenatti showing a CD rom supposedly filled with proof on his twitteraccount some days ago, there might be nothing there. It might be empty.

He’s in that case bluffing like no other man before.

However: Evidence or not. Donald Trump would be a wise man to stay silent in both instances.

If there is actually proof of the affair, the whole thing could be set up as a genuine “perjury trap” for Donald Trump.

Such a trap comes normally into play only when prosecutors subpoena a person to the grand jury not for truly investigative reasons, but simply to try to get the person to commit perjury

Well thought out by Avenatti. Although this time in civil litigation of course. And the “prosecutor” being Avenatti.

Bring the story out. Have the president deny it. Preferably in the context of a court case he himself brought on. And then present the evidence. It would be Avenatti’s obvious strategy.

The affair itself won’t take Trump down. It’s his denial under oath that could constitute a crime and bring Trump straight to his hatchet man.

It’s not the misbehaviour, it’s the cover-up that could easily bring trouble to the White House.

Donald Trump should take the advice of his lawyers and not rant on Twitter about this alleged affair. He should even decide not to go to court over it. The damage has already been done.

But lying in court about the affair with aan adult film actress would be walking right into the trap staged by her clever playing lawyer Avenatti.

Which explains why we probably saw no evidence in the interview with Anderson Cooper last night.

Don’t take the bait mr President.

But can he do that?

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